In Memoriam


Emilie Conrad
June 14, 1934 – April 14, 2014
Founder of Continuum Movement

“The concert of existence places me in resonance with our biosphere, meaning that at this moment there is no “body”no separation; I am part of the swirl of bio-morphic unfolding.  I am not bound by culture or language.  The deepening of sensation allows me to be without category.  I transfer the moisture of my cells, join the wet of the grass, the pour of the ocean, the stars that watch over the night.  The plants breathe, my skin is wet, we are here.  This fundamental umbilical to life without category is for me the first stage of sanity.”
~Emilie Conrad
Life on Land

ISMETA is deeply grateful for the many years that Emilie served on our Advisory Council, her deep inquiry into the meaning of Somatic Movement and the mentorship she offered to so many of our members.