Brain States and Dissociation in BodyMind Awareness 

With Annie Brook

Saturday, May 18, 2024 from 12 – 3 pm Eastern Time

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Registration deadline: May 13th

An overwhelmed body-mind can create trauma response patterns. In this workshop, participants will learn to help clients integrate the past rather than become retraumatized. Using Applied Neuroplasticity™ and direct recognition of "brain states" to identify earliest vulnerabilities, participants can understand protective response patterns and add embodied resources to allow presence. It is most important to learn how to help energy sequence through the body-mind and help clients have new options of choice. We will explore how to recognize trauma response and dissociation, help clients return to embodied presence, and negotiate emotions and associative memory in order to heal. This work is based on decades of clinical and personal research and integration of several experiential methods; Wilhelm Reich, Bioenergetics, Body-Mind Centering® and infant development, Pre and Perinatal Psychology, meditation, yoga, chi gung, improvisation studies, and contact improvisation. 

After the workshop, somatic movement professionals will feel more confident when using body interventions so they do not re-traumatize clients. They will know how to recognize dissociation and specific nervous system/embodiment tools that help clients heal from trauma.  

Participants will learn: 

  • To identify, assess, and treat trauma responses 
  • To know what types of interventions are contra-indicated and not helpful when working with embodied trauma 


Annie Brook


Annie Brook, Ph.D., MSME is a world class healer for complex trauma, including birth trauma. Her books help train therapists, as well as educate parents on how to help their children, help couples learn how to get along, and support individuals to regulate when there was childhood or early trauma. Annie knows how to access the hidden body stories found inside difficult behavior, and uses neuroscience and movement science to help people learn the art of embodiment. Her courses are experiential, bringing participants into the bodymind, and helping to resolve issues related to mental, emotional, and physical distress.  

Annie shares the tools that help change the brain for long lasting relief, and her style is downhome real and effective. She has worked in hospital trauma centers, public schools, mental health clinics, and run her own practice for over 45 years where she helps a range of people from infants to adults, and families. She knows how to access pre-cognitive memory, childhood experience, or any circumstances that produce body overwhelm. Through her body-oriented work, she helps people recover and thrive. 




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