Connect with a Mentor: Study One to One with a Master Somatic Movement Educator and/or Therapist

Some people learn better one-to-one.

ISMETA is thrilled to offer this new space to connect individual Mentees with individual Mentors.

This space is for you if you are:

  • a new RSME/T  just starting out
  • an Associate Somatic Movement Professional wanting to learn more
  • an RSME/T interested in developing your capacity to become a better Somatic Movement Professional.
  • a seasoned professional hoping to branch out
  • not a registered professional yet and don't know where to start

The Master Somatic Movement Educators and Therapists listed here are ready to work with you as one-to-one mentors. Introductory through advanced supervision sessions are available.

Please contact them directly through the "Send Message" Button to schedule an online or in-person mentoring session.

ISMETA MSME/Ts wanting to become a mentor: please sign into the Member Portal, go to Manage My Membership and find the MSME & MSMT Mentor Portal to add this feature onto your membership.