Connect with a Mentor: Individual Study with a Master Somatic Movement Educator and/or Therapist

Some people learn better one-to-one.

ISMETA is thrilled to offer this new resource to connect individual Mentees with individual Mentors.

This resource is designed for you if you are:

  • a new RSME/T  just starting to work with students/clients
  • an Associate Somatic Movement Professional wanting to learn more
  • an RSME/T interested in developing your capacity to become a better Somatic Movement Professional.
  • a seasoned professional hoping to branch out or deepen your expertise
  • not a registered professional yet and don't know where to start

The Master Somatic Movement Educators and Therapists listed here are ready to work with you individually. Introductory through advanced supervision sessions are available.

Please browse all of their profiles or search for specific specializations through the Search button below.

When you are ready to contact a Mentor, use the "Send Message" button to schedule an online or in-person mentoring session.

ISMETA MSME/Ts wanting to become a mentor: please sign into the Member Portal, go to Manage My Membership, find the MSME & MSMT Mentor Portal, and pay the annual fee to add this feature onto your membership.