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ISMETA Research Database

After working for a number of years to address members’ requests for a collection of research articles related to somatic movement, ISMETA’s Research and Publication Committee is delighted to announce the launch of a new research database on Zotero! An initial list of peer-reviewed articles from various academic journals has been sorted into a number of categories, from “definitions”, to the neurobiological processes involved with interoception, to somatic application for social justice. (Please click here for a Table of Contents outlining what is contained on the Zotero platform.) This list will be updated over time, as new articles relevant to our professional work are published.

Any Zotero user can search for the ISMETA Research Database at To register for a free Zotero Web Library account, login at using your email address (

Please click here for more detailed instructions about using Zotero.

View the Zotero Quick Start Guide Here.

Once you are logged in, you can find the collection of articles by searching for the “ISMETA Research Database.” Clicking on “Group Library” will bring you to a number of folders containing articles grouped by themes. Some articles are available to download and read in their entirety through “open access” journals. Other journals with “paywalls” provide abstracts, but charge fees to download complete articles. (Such articles may be accessed at no cost if you have a university library account that includes a subscription to these journals.


ISMETA’s Research Database is Open to All

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We hope these articles are useful not only for our own professional development, but also for communicating with colleagues in complementary fields (medicine, education, organizational development, the fine arts) about evidence-based practices that are related to somatic movement.

Next steps include building collections of articles for the general public (for example, from newspapers like the New York Times and magazines such as “Science”), as well as case studies and literary works written by somatic movement educators and therapists. We offer these resources so we can all have information to share with others about the nature and benefits of our work . Plans are also underway to create a bibliography of seminal books about somatic movement education and therapy in the very near future. Please check our website regularly for updates.

With excitement about growing the field of somatic movement with you,

Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell, Co-Chair, Amal ElWardi, Intern, and the entire ISMETA Research and Publications Committee


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