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Earth Matters: Ecosomatics in the Anthropocene

Episode #5 - March 21, 2024 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET/ 7 PM CET

Conversation for an hour followed by 30 minute audience dialogue

Hosted by: Jamie McHugh, MSMT  http://somaticexpression.com/

In conversation with: Stefanie Cohen, RSMT Somatic Practitioner & Interdisciplinary Artist https://www.somastories.net/
and LaUra Schmidt, Founding Director and Facilitator,Good Grief Network https://www.goodgriefnetwork.org/


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Join us for live, interactive sessions to "tour" ISMETA's various resources for individual and organizational members. You will learn which membership track best serves your needs, and various ways in which you can participate in our professional community. These events are designed specifically for students and practitioners of Somatic Movement who are looking to become members of ISMETA. They are hosted by ISMETA’s Board of Directors and offered twice on the same day to cater to the many regions of practitioners globally.

April 10th 12pm ET

April 10th 8pm ET

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See videos below!

Earth Matters: Ecosomatics in the Anthropocene
Sponsored by ISMETA
January 18, 2024: 10am PT/1pm ET/19:00 CET
Episode #4: Jamie McHugh, MSMT in conversation with Paula Josa-Jones, MSME/T Dance-maker and Equine Therapist https://www.paulajosajones.org/  and Victoria Moyer, Ecosomatic Researcher https://bodymettaspore.com/

Earth Matters: Ecosomatics in the Anthropocene
Solstice, December 21, 2023: 10am PT/1pm ET/ 19:00 CET
Episode #3: Jamie McHugh, MSMT in conversation with:
Dancer/BMC Teacher Olive Bieringa, RSME/T and Archeologist/Artist Michael Jasmin

Earth Matters: Ecosomatics in the Anthropocene
Hosted by Jamie McHugh, MSMT
Episode #2:
Thursday, November 30 - 10am PT/1pm ET/19:00 CET
An hour-long conversation with ecosomatic pioneer Nala Walla
followed by a half hour open conversation with online participants.

Earth Matters: Ecosomatics in the Anthropocene
Hosted by Jamie McHugh, MSMT

First conversation with guests
Martha Eddy, MSME/T and Satu Palokangas, MSME/T
Indigenous Peoples Day, Monday, October 9th – 9am PT, 12pm ET, 6pm CET

It goes without saying: Earth matters! Without a viable planet, there is no living soma. This fundamental truth in the face of radical Earth disruptions is the ground for our conversations. Curated and moderated by Jamie McHugh, these hour-long biweekly roundtables are designed to connect the ISMETA community with artists, activists, scientists, agriculturalists, philosophers, and many others dedicated to the preservation of life on Earth. Besides lively and engaging conversations that stimulate actionable strategies, we hope these roundtables can provide networking opportunities, resource sharing and emergent cross-disciplinary collaborations. We all hold a piece of the puzzle and can each contribute in our own unique, creative way to the mycelial network. These online conversations, an outgrowth of the ISMETA Ecosomatics Forum, will also be posted on YouTube to reach a wider audience.

smallEmbodied Activism Front Cover - High Resolution

Friday, May 26th at 12pm
Eastern U.S. time
Hosted by the Equity, Justice and Accessibility Committee
How do ordinary people with busy lives leverage our actions in support of liberation, justice, and authentic connection? How can activists and social change-makers avoid burning out? How does the body factor into what our social movements might miss? Instead of thinking about social justice as a process that starts with changing people's minds, embodied activism asks us to understand our bodies—how we feel in them and relate to others through them—as crucial sites of social transformation. Drawing on the somatic arts, trauma-informed psychology, and anti-oppressive movements, embodied activism helps us explore and transform the political realities of our everyday lives in a new way: by harnessing the felt experience of our bodies as the sites of our activism. In this community conversation, author Rae Johnson will discuss how we can listen to our body language, question body image norms, and reconnect to our sensual capacities in service of social change. Join Rae in a discussion about their latest book and learn perspectives for transforming an unjust world, one body at a time.
RAE JOHNSON, PhD, RSW, RSMT, BCC is a social worker, somatic movement therapist, and scholar/activist working at the intersections of embodiment and social justice. Rae's approach to embodied activism has been shaped by decades of frontline work with street youth, women in addiction recovery, psychiatric survivors, and members of the queer community. Since completing their doctoral studies, Rae has held academic positions in several somatic psychology graduate programs, including at Naropa University and Pacifica Graduate Institute. They currently teach somatic psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies and co-direct an online certificate program in embodied social justice.
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A Film Screening and Artist Conversation

This Special Encore Event is a recording of select excerpts from the February 26, 2023 Live Interactive Film Screening featured Board Member Kehinde Ishangi's documentary film, Not My Enemy featuring the process and the power of using somatic methodology in processing and overcoming trauma. This Special Event was hosted by the ISMETA Somatic Arts and Education Committee.

This acclaimed film had its first United States premiere at the San Francisco Veterans Film Festival in December, and it will be shown at the Screen Dance Miami Festival and the Denton Black Film Festival this month. Directed by Ishangi and filmed by Tiffany Rhynard, the feature-length film is based on her original choreographic work “Not My Enemy” and uses embodied narrative to understand and resolve issues around the absence of her biological father and how it impacted her life. The exploration leads her to the Vietnam War and its aftermath and the effect it had on her father, her family, and her community. With the assistance of four brave Vietnam Vets and other members of her community, she uses dance as a tool for somatic healing.