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Handspring Publishing

Handspring Publishing specializes in professional-level books for movement therapists, massage therapists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, yoga teachers and other professionals who use movement or touch to help patients achieve wellness.

Handspring Publishing’s books are written and produced to serve the professional and educational needs of health and medical professionals, bodyworkers, and movement teachers. They combine attractive and accessible presentation with an evidence-based approach to writing, including referencing the latest research findings. Authors are drawn from the ranks of highly respected teachers and experts in their area of specialization.

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Fascia what it is and how it works

Author: David Lesondak

This book serves as a primer for professionals, such as doctors, physical therapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, and fitness professionals, to give them a good grasp of what fascia is and what it does in the body.

It gives the reader an understanding of fascia as a tissue, its role in the various systems of the body and its clinical significance. By the end of the book the reader will have a solid working knowledge of fascia. This book is complete unto itself, but also serve as a springboard to deeper explorations should the reader choose to do so.

The book has a strong storyline, with each chapter logically connecting to the next, rather like fascia itself! It is informative and satisfying to read.

$29.95 USD / £24.95 GBP

ISMETA members price:
$23.96 USD / £19.96 GBP

Mindful relationships seven skills for success

Author: B Grace Bullock


This book examines the cognitive and biopsychosocial impact of stress and explores the BREATHE model – an evidence-informed approach for cultivating stress resilience and increasing awareness, emotional intelligence, and self-regulation, to support healthy, harmonious relationships, organizations and social systems.

 “I LOVE THIS BOOK! Unmanaged stress is such an important detriment to a great relationship. In this very thorough book Dr Bullock provides all the information necessary to manage stress and lead a calm, loving, and meaningful life with SPECIFIC STEPS that anyone can follow … l plan to give a copy to all of my clients.” John Gottman, PhD, best-selling author of The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work

$29.50 USD / £22.50 GBP

ISMETA members price:
$23.60 USD / £18.00 GBP

Architecture of Human Living Fascia

Authors: Jean-Claude Guimberteau and Colin Armstrong

This richly illustrated book, which includes an accompanying DVD and access to a special website – presents Dr Guimberteau’s ground-breaking work and explains its significance for manual therapists and movement teachers. His photographs and in vivo films provide a detailed account of fascial architecture, revealing the morphodynamic nature of the fibrils that constitute the connective tissue. The accompanying text and commentaries from leading authorities explain what the photographs mean, clarifies the importance of the fascia, and sets out the implications of these findings for everyday therapeutic practice.

$79.95 USD / £59.95 GBP

ISMETA members price:
$63.96 USD / £47.96 GBP

Foundations of Morphodynamics in Osteopathy

Authors: Torsten Liem and Patrick van den Heede


In 35 chapters written by the editors and a team of internationally renowned contributors this book covers the underlying principles of osteopathic palpation from a biodynamic and ‘morphodynamic’ perspective, and their application in the cranial field and the spinal cord.

It emphasizes the importance of considering not just the patient’s physical self, but also the inner consciousness. It teaches how to assess tissue-energy characteristics, and to use this understanding in managing the whole patient.

$110.00 USD / £85.00 GBP

ISMETA members price:
$88.00 USD / £68.00 GBP

Embody the skeleton a guide for conscious movement

Author: Mark Taylor

Somatic Movement Education allows efficient movement patterns to replace inefficient ones, resulting in ease of movement, more functional postural alignment, and the creation of space for the healing response of cellular and tissue reorganization.

This book provides clear experiential guidance for embodiment of the skeletal system, through movement facilitation, hands-on facilitation, and movement meditations, supported by essential anatomical information and illustrations.

Intended as a guide for movement practitioners, educators, and therapists in many disciplines and by anyone interested in mindful movement, the book addresses the healthy embodiment of each bone and joint in the body as well as techniques for bringing awareness to the skeletal system as a whole.

$35.00 USD / £28.00 GBP – publishing December 2018, now available for pre-order

ISMETA members price:
$28.00 USD / £22.40 GBP


Author: Graham Scarr

The structural basis of life
Second Edition

This groundbreaking book is not an instruction manual but a response to the frequently asked question: ‘What is (bio)tensegrity?’. This book explains the basic principles of biotensegrity and explores our understanding of anatomy and physiology in the light of the latest research findings.

New for the Second Edition:

  • Full color throughout
  • Expansion of the developmental and therapeutic aspects of biotensegrity to consider:
  • A more thorough look at life’s internal processes
  • Closed kinematic chains as the new biomechanics
  • Embryological development as an evolutionary process
  • The human body as a constantly evolving system based on a set of unchanging principles
  • Emergence, heterarchies, soft-matter and small-world networks
  • A deeper look at what constitutes the therapeutic process

$47.00 USD / £36.00 GBP – publishing December 2018, now available for pre-order

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$37.60 GBP / £28.80 GBP

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