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Focus of Attention and Mindful Movement
Dr. Amit Abraham, B.P.T, MAPhty, PhD

Department of Physical Therapy
Faculty of Health Sciences
Ariel University, Israel

August 17th, 12-2:30pm EDT

In this webinar, ISMETA’s Research Initiative Consultant, Dr. Amit Abraham, discussed some of the most fascinating questions in the world of Movement Research: What is attention? and How does the directing of attention affect motor performance?

View the full scope of the webinar and Dr. Amit Abraham’s bio HERE.

ISMETA Members may view Dr. Amit Abraham’s Webinar and other Research Focused Webinars HERE.


NEWS From ISMETA’s Research Initiative

ISMETA Invited to participate in The Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine’s Research Working Group

Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell, RSME, Co-Chair of the ISMETA Research and Publications Committee, will be representing ISMETA and the field of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy as a member of the Academy of  Integrative Health and Medicine’s Research Working Group. ISMETA is thrilled to be included in this collaborative effort to expand and strengthen integrative health research.

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health
NCCIH Strategic Plan FY 2021–2025 
Mapping the Pathway to Research on Whole Person Health 

ISMETA would like to congratulate the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) for the landmark inauguration of the latest five-year strategic plan on May 14, 2021. This plan offers a powerful example of a new paradigm for healthcare based on health and wellness rather than disease. Focused around Whole Person Health, this plan outlines research priorities to continue improving complimentary health services in the United States, including multicomponent therapeutic models to improve nutritional, psychological, and physical health and wellbeing.

ISMETA’s Executive Director, Elisa Cotroneo, and Research and Publications Committee Co-Chair, Elisabeth Osgood Campbell, had the distinct honor of being involved in a 10-month process with the Research Working Group of the Academic Collaborative for Integrative Health (ACIH) to help shape NCCIH’s plan. The ACIH group worked diligently to identify priorities within the integrative health community and provide comments to the NCCIH through multiple rounds of input. We are grateful that ISMETA’s voice was included and heard throughout this process.

Our comments were integrated in a number of areas of the plan. One area that we are confident our voice mattered was in the NCCIH Framework of Complimentary Therapies. In the first and second draft of the plan, Movement Education was not included. We consistently provided compelling reasons to include our work of Somatic Movement Education and were thrilled to see Movement Education included in the final version. Although being a part of this framework does not necessarily imply that NCCIH will or will not fund Movement Education research, but that we are being recognized in the evolving landscape of complementary and conventional therapies within integrative health. For this we are thrilled!

We are also glad to see that a number of NCCIH’s top scientific priorities align very well with Somatic Movement Education and Therapy.  Researching “Interoception, Modulation of interoceptive processes and Health Restoration and Resiliency”,  are of high interest to NCCIH and these areas are also inherent in our work of Somatic Movement.

Being a part of this process has provided so many benefits and outreach opportunities for us all in Somatic Movement Education and Therapy. We are sincerely grateful for the opportunity to participate with these esteemed colleagues.

With excitement for the future,
Elisa Cotroneo, RSME/T, RSDE, ISMETA Executive Director
Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell, MA. RSME/T, Co-Chair, Research and Publications Committee


Contact the Research and Publications Committee ResearchCommitteeChair@ismeta.org

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National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. NCCIH Strategic Plan FY 2021–2025: Mapping the Pathway to Research on Whole Person Health. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health website accessed at https://nccih.nih.gov/about/nccih-strategic-plan-2021-2025 on [June 1, 2021].

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) is a center of the National Institute of Health in the United States

Their Mission 
The mission of NCCIH is to determine, through rigorous scientific investigation, the fundamental science, usefulness, and safety of complementary and integrative health approaches and their roles in improving health and health care.

Their Vision 
Scientific evidence informs decision making by the public, health care professionals, and health policymakers regarding the integrated use of complementary health approaches in a whole person health framework.

To our International Members,
Are there institutions such as this in your area that we can collaborate with? Please let us know at info@ISMETA.org




The ISMETA Research and Publications Committee is proud to share this video of the ISMETA Symposium held at the “Movement and Cognition Conference” in Tel Aviv, Israel this past July 2019. During this academic gathering, the latest installation in a series of conversations we facilitate on how to move the research agenda for somatic movement forward, four expert practitioners / researchers discussed, “The role of imagery, touch, and interoception in activating cortical and subcortical somatosensory circuits through somatic movement practices.”

ISMETA would like to express deep gratitude to all involved, particularly the presenters (bios below) and The Feldenkrais Guild of North America.

Abstract of the Symposium

Full Bios of Symposium Presenters

On September 4, 2018, ISMETA was honored to host a webinar based on the Symposium we first presented July 28,2018 at the Movement 2018: Brain, Body and Cognition Conference at Harvard Medical School, Cultivating Neuroplasticity through Interoception in Somatic Movement Practices: Evolving Research Methods.

Abstract of the Symposium

Full Bios of the Symposium Panelists

We are offering these recordings to all interested people and welcome your responses and questions at ResearchCommitteeChair@ismeta.org .

ISMETA is committed to building the base of evidence for Somatic Movement Education and Therapy through our continuing Research Initiative. Please consider joining ISMETA in this effort.

From strengthening the foundation of qualitative evidence through case studies, to building a body of quantitative data, ISMETA is committed to advancing our field through scientific investigations of the benefits of our work. To join in these conversations, please contact us at: ResearchCommitteeChair@ismeta.org .


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