Professional and Legislative Advocacy

The International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA) is a collaborative of individuals and organizations dedicated to evolving the profession of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy.  We advocate for the profession in legal and governmental arenas, and collaborate with organizations in Integrative Healthcare, Human Services, Education, Social Justice and the Arts to build the recognition of the profession.

The Government Relations and Regulation Committee actively monitors legislative activities that could potentially impact ISMETA members’ legal right to practice. The committee responds to regulatory conditions that could adversely effect our profession, by attending meetings with stakeholders, participating in coalitions, and contacting governments and legislators on behalf of our members.

ISMETA Members: Check for updates and consider participating as a local ISMETA representative for legislative advocacy in your city, state, region, or country or become an ISMETA Ambassador in your part of the world.

What our Collaborative Partners Say About Us:

Copy of Copy of IADMS

It is our pleasure to work with ISMETA as the main advocacy organization for somatic movement in the integrative health profession. ISMETA, under the leadership of Elisa Cotroneo, is a strong supporter of collaboration, building partnerships and working to the benefit of others. From contributing comments to the National Institute of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health Center (NIH NCCIH) 5-year Vision process; to participating in the Academy/ACIH Council Research Working Group; to participating in the development of a Coalition to Advance Whole Person Health, ISMETA'S involvement in the larger Integrative Health and Medicine movement is commendable.

~ Tabatha Parker, ND, Executive Director of AIHM & Liza Goldblatt, PhD, MPA/HA, AIHM Director of National and Global Projects, Academic Collaborative for Integrative Health, Co-Founder


NDEO’s collaborative partnership with ISMETA allows for growth in the dance education field and connects our communities through dance and somatics. The synergy among the organizations has led to shared memberships, special topic conferences, and cross-pollination of content through discussion and practice. ISMETA’s awareness of topics within the field of somatic movement education and dance led to an intentional designation of the Registered Somatic Dance Educator and support for our communities as artists, scholars, practitioners, and educators.

~ Kelly Lester, MFA, RSDE, MSME Past President, NDEO & Susan McGreevy-Nichols, Executive Director, NDEO

More of our Collaborative Partners


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