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ISMETA’s Somatic Movement in the Arts & Education Committee works to connect the worldwide Somatic Movement community to bring the power of somatic awareness into Education and the Arts. We bring information and resources to our members through our website, webinars, conferences, articles and pedagogical artifacts and highlight our members good work in the world. We collaborate with other organizations to highlight the benefits of Somatic Movement Education in the Arts and Education.


Somatic Movement in the Arts encompass the individual  and collaborative ways in which we communicate artistic expression embracing the myriad systems within the body, and methodologies within the field. This approach supports our ability to listen and trust our own internal landscape making it possible to realize our creative vision. Somatic movement practices in the arts facilitate embodied and holistic body-mind awareness that open personal agency and community collaboration in the creative process and in artistic choice making.

Featured Somatic Artist Series

Choreographer Paula Josa-Jones, MSME/T, presents her latest work

husk/vessel asks how we shape images of self and other, and how our environments - including dress - affect our perception and movement. Our intention was to explore the fabric as both a part of and separate from ourselves, and the shifting emotional tones of that malleable relationship. We see the fabric as that which can contain and carry us and also as an expression of our inner materials - skin, fascia, muscle, bone - revealing the somatic and poetic dimensions of what holds and separates us. Click here to learn more.

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Excerpts from Tales of the Wizard by Bill Evans, MFA, MSME, CLMA was created for E.E. Balcos ,MFA, MSME, RSDE in July 2021. Evans and Balcos both explore somatic practices in choreography and performance. This suite of 10 short dances to Hermit Songs by Samuel Barber depicts aspects of a man who may possess magical powers. The costume he wears in different ways becomes his partner in enacting the kinds of mystical rites we hear of in legends and fairy tales. Imagine that you and the wizard are in an intimate space and that he tells you a different fantastical story in each section of the work. This project was funded by a 2020 UNC Charlotte Faculty Research Grant. For more information about Bill Evans visit www.evanssomaticdance.org


Somatic movement methodologies offer experiential and constructivist learning for children, youth and adults in a myriad of educational settings. The methods are known to serve all types of learners including those with different abilities. Through exploratory learning somatic movement education aims to teach self-awareness, neuro-motor development, and body-mind agency, as well as foster self- and co-regulation. As counterpoints to exclusive intellectual learning, these embodied experiences provide knowledge and support for teachers working with children and students of all ages. ~ Martha Eddy, PhD, MSME Mindful Movement

Featured Somatic Educator Series

Over the last 15 years, Sylvain Meret, MSME/T, has been developing movement, dance and music performances for and with children. Together with Makiko Ito and Tutti Collectif, they have explored the repertoire of non verbal communication, somatic movement and music attunement with babies and young children. In the context of dance/music performance, their work invited a baby audience to experience and eventually take part of the choreography. Naturally the work evolved inviting fathers to lay down, roll, attune and play with their children workshops. Now the artistic unfolding is taking place in creche using somatic movement, dance and music to move and stimulate playfulness, attunement and care within baby with disabilities, parents and nursery nurses as one ecosystem for development and growth. ISMETA Members see full lesson plan below in the Sample Lesson Plan Library. For More information about Sylvain and his work visit www.soufflecocreateur.com


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