Equity, Justice and Accessibility

As we continue to grow the field of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy, the ISMETA Board of Director’s Equity, Justice and Accessibility Committee supports the on-going development of ISMETA’s organizational values and practices related to social equity and justice.


WHAT: ISMETA is currently a predominantly racialized white organization that is striving to implement its values of Equity, Justice and Accessibility more fully into our organizational practices. We seek to support our membership to do the same in their professional practices. Thus, we offer a bi-monthly series of community conversations about themes related to this goal.  

PLEASE NOTE: Affinity groups based on racial and ethnic identities, sexual preference, gender identity, differing abilities, primary language, home country, and/or other identities are offered for anyone seeking relative safety within this context. 

WHEN: Fridays from 12:30-1:45 PM Eastern U.S. time on March 10 (2023), May 12 (2023), July 14 (2023), and September 8 (2023).  

In an effort to be inclusive of international members across the globe, we acknowledge that this time does not work well for people in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. We are happy to shift to a later or earlier time of day (in the Eastern U.S. time zone) in July and/or other months to make the gathering accessible for members in those areas. Please let us know your interest. We are open to suggestions!  


In this 75-minute presentation, Dr. Amber McZeal discusses coloniality (the ideas, relationships and socio-political structures that remain after colonizers have formally left colonized lands) on the field of somatics.