This video series is designed for those who are currently training, or are interested in beginning to train, somatic movement professionals.

Mining the Gap: Mobilizing the Priceless Resources Hidden Between Teaching and Learning

Learning Objective: Learn and experience how competency-based processes have been designed and utilized in Feldenkrais training programs and explore using these processes in training Somatic Movement professionals.

How do we become more powerful teachers of extraordinary work? Moshe Feldenkrais said, “There is no limit to learning and refinement.”

Candy Conino - Conino_Candy

Candy Conino 

Candy Conino is a Feldenkrais® Assistant Trainer and an international facilitator. She is the Director of Learning for the Feldenkrais Training Academy. She has worked with competency teams since 2007 and co-founded the International Assistant Trainer Collective. She practices in North Carolina. 

Competencies at the Heart of the Profession – A Collective Inquiry into our Skills and Resources

With Elisa Cotroneo, Maria Luisa, Elisabeth Osgood Campbell

In this session, we will reflect on ISMETA’s most recent version of the Core Competencies of our profession and engage with the following questions:   


Elisa Cotroneo

ISMETA Executive Director

Elisa Cotroneo has worked in education as a Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist and Teaching Artist for 40 years. She began her career designing sensory motor educational programs for children ages 6 months to 5 years who were challenged with developmental disabilities. 

Elisabeth Osgood-`Campbell copy

Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell

ISMETA Executive Director

MA, EdM, is a somatic movement educator, expressive arts therapist, and researcher who cherishes the Body as an on-going, creative process. A member of  Tamalpa Institute’s faculty and the Continuum Teachers  Association, she also serves as Co-Chair  of  ISMETA’s Research and Publications and Equity, Justice and Accessibility Committees. 


Maria Luisa Diaz de Leon Zuloaga

ISMETA President

Therapist, movement specialist, educator, and researcher born in Mexico. Marialuisa’s professional experience in psychology, somatics, and the arts includes work in education, private practice, and community intervention. As the creator of Mythic Life, she brings her expertise to work with women empowerment through a forward-thinking integration of myth, arts, somatic movement and archetypal psychology. She is on faculty at the Tamalpa Institute, is President of the ISMETA Board of Directors, and serves as Co- Chair on the Professional Standards Committee. 

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