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Focus of Attention and Mindful Movement with Dr. Amit Abraham

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Research in Somatics: Past, Present and Future



Focus of Attention and Mindful Movement

In this webinar, Dr. Amit Abraham, ISMETA's Research Initiative Consultant, explores some fascinating questions in the world of Movement Research: What is attention? and How does the directing of attention affect motor performance? Dr. Abraham discusses mental imagery, visual imagery and dynamic, interactive attention and how these impact movement planning, execution and performance in ourselves and with our students and clients.
Dr. Amit-Abraham

Dr. Amit Abraham

PhD, MA Phty Musculoskeletal, B.P.T

Dr. Abraham is a musculoskeletal physical therapist specializing in mental imagery training for dancers, athletes, and people with Parkinson disease. He holds a Bachelor in Physical Therapy from Tel-Aviv University, a Masterʼs Degree in Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy from The University of Queensland, and a Ph.D. in Physical Therapy from the University of Haifa. Dr. Abraham completed post-doctoral training at Emory University School of Medicine and served as an adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology, The University of Georgia. Currently, Dr. Abraham is a faculty member and director of the Mental Imagery and Human Performance Lab in the Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ariel University (Israel).


Research in Somatics: Past, Present and Future

What research about somatic movement education and therapy has already occurred, and how can we continue to build a base of evidence for our field? Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell summarizes ISMETA’s recent endeavors to gather existing research literature into a single bibliography and to increase research literacy among somatic movement professionals. Dr. Abraham discusses his professional path to become a researcher of Somatic Movement, as well as his vision for advancing our work in academic contexts.

Elisabeth Osgood-`Campbell copy

Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell

MA, EdM, MSME/T, REAT, ISMETA Executive Director

Elisabeth is an expressive arts therapist who cherishes the Body as an on-going, creative process. As a member of Tamalpa Institute’s faculty and the Continuum Teachers Association, she facilitates embodied awareness practices for groups and individuals across the lifespan. After serving on the Board of Directors of ISMETA for 9 years, she volunteered as Co-Chair of its Research and Publications Committee and Co-Chair of the Equity, Justice and Inclusion Committee. She authored an academic article on the educational implications of the philosophical concept of embodied cognition and presents internationally on the impact of movement on human development.

Dr. Amit-Abraham

Dr. Amit Abraham

PhD, MA Phty Musculoskeletal, B.P.T




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