Somatic Art® Practice, a Body-Mind Centering® approach to artmaking

Marina Tsartsara RSMT

8 Tuesdays, May 7 – June 25, 12 – 2 pm ET (6 – 8 pm CET) 

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Registration deadline: May 1st 

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In this class series, participants will engage in Somatic Art®, an embodied artmaking practice that explores the relationship between the psychophysical personal experience of corporeal structures & artistic gesture. The Body-Mind Centering® experiential anatomy methodology together with Visual and Final art methods promote sensitivity, presence and authenticity in the somatic artmaking processes. They also offer an inspirational & meaningful way of engaging with the body, art and life. Somatic Art® practices include: Body-Mind Centering®, Drawing, Collage, Sculpture, Performance, Improvisation in Movement & Voice, Creative Writing. 

Somatic Art® practice offers embodiment tools that come not only from the methodology of Body-Mind Centering® but also from fine and visual art practices. In this way, professionals will have the opportunity to gain embodiment tools from various fields/disciplines that offer the possibility of application to a variety of individuals and groups with different abilities, ages and 'languages'. Experiential Anatomy and Somatic Movement (BMC®) are at the center of Somatic Art® practice. Fine arts, visual arts and creative writing interweave so as to offer further depth and consciousness through a transdisciplinary layering of creative processes. This creative layering supports expansion not only into somatic depths but also cognitive connections and personal meanings through expressive, associative and intuitive artmaking processes. The fine art materials are used as tools for enhancing the process of embodiment by matching or countering the physical/material and 'mind'/energy qualities of body tissues/body systems, with the physical and 'mind' qualities of the materials themselves (textures, rhythms, weight, sensorial input, consistency, temperature, size, etc). Lastly, artmaking during the somatizations or at the end of the sessions also serves to integrate lived dimensions of experience (physical and emotional). 


In this class series, participants will learn: 

  • Embodiment & Psychophysical integration tools from fine & visual art practices 
  • Transdisciplinary methodology 
  • Body-Mind Centering® Somatic Movement based artmaking for enhanced personal expression and professional practice with clients 


Marina Tsartsara


Marina Tsartsara is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (ISMETA), Body-Mind Centering® Teacher, a Dance & Visual Artist (MSc), a certified Chinese Acupressure Massage Therapist (TCM London), a Yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa & Mindfulness Instructor (Yoga Alliance) and a Holistic Life Coach (Holistic Harmony GR). She co-directs the official Body-Mind Centering® Training in Greece and teaches in the official trainings in Greece, Spain and England. In Barcelona, where she lives, Marina co-directs the Postgraduate Degree in 'Expressive Arts, Trauma and Embodiment' at the Poiesis Institute. She has taught, exhibited and performed in national and international venues since 2007. https://www.somaticwellbeing.info/marina-tsartsara.html




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