Evolving, Developing, and Sustaining Somatic Practices in Higher Education

With Daniel Burkholder, Gill Wright Miller, Luc Vanier, E.E. Balcos, Kehinde Ishangi & Shannon Murphy


This panel discussion is an open conversation and creative dialogue with Somatic Movement Educators and professionals on how to build, grow, and sustain somatic movement learning in higher education dance classes and programs. It includes strategies for integrating and growing somatic practices and theoretical concepts within university dance programs. The session offers an opportunity to enhance problem-solving skills for all somatic educators seeking to expand their somatic methodology and increase their potential to work with dance and movement expression within their student populations. 


Kehinde Ishangi

MSME, RSDE, ISMETA Board of Directors 

Kehinde Ishangi, ISMETA Board of Directors member, is an Assistant Professor at Florida State University. Her research and pedagogical approach integrate functional anatomy and somatic methodologies within dance studio practices. She is an author in the 2021 anthology (Re:)Claiming Ballet. 

Gill Wright Miller

Gill Wright Miller


Dr. Gill Wright Miller taught at Denison University from 1981- 2022. Dr. Miller’s embodied research includes developing pedagogies of the body and creating and reconstructing dance works. Her written research concerns various body politics. She is the editor/author of Exploring Body-Mind Centering: An Anthology of Experience and Method. 

E.E. Balcos - Balcos

Ethan (E.E.) Balcos

MSME, RSDE, BA, MFA, ISMETA Board of Directors 

E.E. Balcos, ISMETA Board of Directors member, is an Associate Professor of Dance at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. He is an advocate for somatic movement education and has presented somatic research through workshops, panels, and papers as well as dance performances around the world. 

Shannon Murphy

Shannon Murphy


Shannon Murphy is a dance artist/educator. She received her MFA in Dance from UArts and is faculty for Franklin Method Institute, specializing in Franklin Method for dance. As Curricular Head of Body Pathways at UArts, she develops programs to reduce injury and support healing and artistry for dancers. 


Luc Vanier


Luc Vanier is a teacher focused on supporting developmental change. He has lectured and presented his research extensively nationally and internationally. His book, Dance and the Alexander Technique, was published by University of Illinois Press. He founded the Integral Movement Lab where he co-created Framework for Integration. 


Daniel Burkholder


Daniel Burkholder choreographs, improvises, performs, and teaches dance and the Feldenkrais Method. His creative work spans theatrical performances, site-specific events, immersive media, and screendance. Daniel currently directs the MFA in Dance program at UW-Milwaukee. 



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