The Chi for Two take on Polyvagal Theory: Mobilization with Play/Dance 

With Dee Wagner and Fred Shelton 

Friday, April 26 and Friday, May 3, from 12 – 2:45 pm ET 

Registration Deadline, April 19th

Chi for Two®– The Energetic Dance of Healthy Relationship, is a polyvagal-informed, trauma healing method. The physiology of the rhythmic braking and releasing of the vagus nerve, key in trauma patterning, creates an active state called Play/Dance. In this workshop, participants will explore somatically how the infant developmental rhythms identified by Kestenberg and colleagues align with the anatomical awareness of Dr. Stephen Porges' Polyvagal Theory, using 6 Chi for Two Play/Dance partner practices—5 for client/therapist or student/teacher, 1 for lovers. This workshop is also informed by Cultural Somatics, identified by Resmaa Menakem, author of My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies and Monsters in Love: Why Your Lover Sometimes Drives You Crazy—and What You Can Do About It. 

In this workshop, participants will learn: 

  • to use the Chi for Two “Map” of nervous system functioning to help clients normalize sensations that occur when the body shifts between Fight/Flight and Shut-down—bouncing back and forth between anxious urges to “do something” and a lack of energy that feels like, “I can’t do anything.” 
  • to utilize five partner practices for client/coach or student/teacher that help when movement expressions formally inhibited by dorsal vagal Shut-down awaken. 
  • to utilize one practice to help in romantic dances when urges to control the lover arise.  

Registration is limited to 12 participants for this 2-session class series.

Because the live synchronous energetic dance between participants and presenters will be an important part of the recorded version, participants in this version are asked to be present with cameras on and with the willingness to be recorded.

Dee Wagner


Dee Wagner, MSME, BC-DMT, LPC, is a counselor, dance/movement therapist, and the originator of Chi for Two® – The Energetic Dance of Healthy Relationship, a polyvagal-informed, trauma healing method. She writes and presents workshops on nervous system science, trauma, and attachment for organizations including the American Dance Therapy Association, Expressive Therapies Summit, and the Korean Society of Dance/Movement Psychotherapy. Her “Map” of nervous system functioning- used by all Chi for Two® coaches is featured in The  Neuroeducation Toolbox: Practical Translations of Neuroscience in Counseling and Psychotherapy, edited by Miller and Beeson. Her articles appear in the American Journal of Dance Therapy; Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy; Voices: The Art and Science of Psychotherapy (American Academy of Psychotherapists); Counseling Today; Elephant Journal; and Asana International Yoga Journal. https://www.chifortwo.com/ 

Fred Shelton

Fred Shelton is a Chi for Two Embodiment Coach. Shelton began his studies of the human experience 25 years ago. He earned his degree in business from Morehouse College. During and after his collegiate studies he explored the business world, and continued to observe human interactions with curiosity about the contribution of culture and gender on behavior. Shelton appreciates how Chi for Two deepens the multi-generational trauma healing of Resmaa Menakem’s Cultural Somatics because the Chi for Two partner practices are based on not only the knowledge of Polyvagal Theory but also infant development. With other Chi for Two Embodiment Coaches, Fred is creating Trauma-informed Leadership Training for businesses. 



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