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Paula Josa-Jones CMA, MSME/T, SEP

Amy Matthews MSME/T

Saturday, June 8, 2024, 1 - 2 p ET

Join us for a free introduction to WISDOM OF THE MOVING BODY. The full class series is an experiential, four-module course designed for experiential, four-module course designed for movement educators and therapists, somatic practitioners, body workers and psychotherapists who wish to bring movement practices more fully into their work. Skills covered in this class will build confidence in participants’ ability to integrate movement as a tool for both deepening embodiment and supporting trauma recovery by expanding their somatic movement understanding, vocabulary and practice. In learning to move from the body's innate rhythms and impulses, we open to deeper expressivity and vitality. Grounding experience in the moving body dissolves the separation between inner and outer and deepens the connection to ourselves. Conscious movement, breath, touch, sound and imagery allow us to sense and feel ourselves and others with greater clarity and curiosity. 

Live participation is encouraged. However, if you are unable to attend on that date, the recording will be available as long as you register in advance. 

The full course will run for 4 Saturdays and Sundays:

  • September 14 & 15, October 12 & 13, November 9 & 10, December 14 & 15, 2024 from 11 am – 3 pm ET
  • Please find your local time for this event HERE.
  • Registration Deadline: September 1, 2024


Paula Josa-Jones


Paula Josa-Jones CMA, MSME/T, SEP is a dance artist, choreographer, author, somatic movement educator and therapist, who brings an improvisational perspective to all her work including choreography for humans, inter-species work with horses, dancers and riders, film and video. Much of Josa-Jones's solo work arises from her own experience of being gender fluid, and movement explorations of the complex architecture of identity and expression. Her background includes deep research into somatics, improvisation, Deep Listening, Somatic Experiencing®, the psychophysical anatomy of trauma, Body-Mind Centering®, equine studies, Authentic Movement, and embodied psychology. www.paulajosajones.org 



Amy Matthews


Amy Matthews has been teaching movement workshops and courses in the US and internationally since 1994. Integrating experiential anatomy, kinesiology, embryology and developmental movement with inquiries into pedagogy, educational philosophy and movement practices, she has taught on somatic certification programs and in a variety of university and studio settings. 

Amy is a Body-Mind Centering® Teacher, an Infant Developmental Movement Educator, and a Certified Movement Analyst. She co-founded Babies Project with Sarah Barnaby, and co-authored the book Yoga Anatomy. She is currently based in Maine. www.movementpractices.com 



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