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Handspring Publishing specializes in professional-level books for movement therapists, massage therapists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, yoga teachers and other professionals who use movement or touch to help patients achieve wellness. Handspring Publishing’s books are written and produced to serve the professional and educational needs of health and medical professionals, bodyworkers, and movement teachers. They combine attractive and accessible presentation with an evidence-based approach to writing, including referencing the latest research findings. Authors are drawn from the ranks of highly respected teachers and experts in their area of specialization. In association with Handspring Publishing, we are offering discounts for all their published books. The following books are a few we think ISMETA Members might be interested in. You can see the full list of Handspring’s publications on their website and use the ISMETA MEMBER DISCOUNT CODE at checkout.

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Fluid Nature

The Fluid Nature of Being

Embodied practices for healing and wholeness

Author: Linda HARTLEY

The Fluid Nature of Being is a collection of writings by practitioners of Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy (IBMT), an approach to somatic movement education and therapy. The cultivation of consciously embodied movement is at the heart of somatic movement practice. Through embodiment practices, soma – the subjectively experienced sense of embodied self – becomes a vital, living reality and a foundation through which healthy relationship to others, to Nature, and to life as a whole can be nourished.

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Dynamic Embodiment

Dynamic Embodiment of the Sun Salutation℠

Pathways to Balancing the Chakras and the Neuroendocrine System

Authors: Martha EDDY and Shakti Andrea SMITH

Dynamic Embodiment of the Sun SalutationSM: Pathways to Balancing the Chakras and the Neuroendocrine System guides you to do the Sun Salutation with more ease by integrating awareness of glandular and chakral embodiment cues and neuro-developmental movement. Everything in this book can be applied to your personal practice and overall health, or to teaching others. It offers a soft, organic yet powerful approach to being in the poses and transitioning between them. What you will learn is effective and surprising. There is tangible mystery in accessing this ability, which we all have, to embody the endocrine system and the related energy fields.

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Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method®

Learning Through Movement

Authors: Staffan ELGELID and Chrish KRESGE

This book brings the Feldenkrais Method® and the concept of Somatic Education to a wide audience. As well as providing an introduction to the Feldenkrais Method® and its applications, a team of highly qualified contributors, representing a variety of therapeutic professions, explore how the Feldenkrais Method® interacts with and supports other professions and modalities, including Pilates, yoga, dance, physical therapy, sports coaching, rehabilitation medicine, and more.

Contributors: Ruthy Alon, Larry Goldfarb, Thomas Kampe, Lavinia Plonka, Elinor Silverstein, Linda Tellington-Jones, and many more!

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Alexander Technique

Author: Penelope EASTEN

The Alexander Technique

Twelve fundamentals of integrated movement

In this comprehensive text and manual on The Alexander Technique, Penelope Easten offers a broad, new theoretical framework of how integrated movement occurs, including ideas from recent science and practical explorations.

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Embody the skeleton a guide for conscious movement

Author: Mark Taylor

Somatic Movement Education allows efficient movement patterns to replace inefficient ones, resulting in ease of movement, more functional postural alignment, and the creation of space for the healing response of cellular and tissue reorganization.

This book provides clear experiential guidance for embodiment of the skeletal system, through movement facilitation, hands-on facilitation, and movement meditations, supported by essential anatomical information and illustrations.

$35.00 USD / £28.00 GBP

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Author: Graham Scarr

The structural basis of life
Second Edition

This groundbreaking book is not an instruction manual but a response to the frequently asked question: ‘What is (bio)tensegrity?’. This book explains the basic principles of biotensegrity and explores our understanding of anatomy and physiology in the light of the latest research findings.

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