Becoming a Master Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist

Over the last few years, the ISMETA Board of Directors and Leadership Council have been in a process of considering adding new credentials. We are proud to announce our work is complete and we have added a new 250-hour Associate Somatic Movement Professional (ASMP) credential for people who have studied somatic movement but have a primary professional in a different field (e.g., psychotherapist or physiotherapist). We have also created a 1000-hour Master Somatic Movement Educator (MSME), and a 1000 hour Master Somatic Movement Therapist (MSMT) credential for the most experienced and accomplished professionals in our field. This credential requires an additional 500 hours of training beyond the RSME/T criteria (for a total of 1,000) and an additional 500 hours of practice with individuals and/or groups that demonstrate significant professional achievement through article or book publications, research, curricular development, conference presentations and/or embodied praxes.

Current RSME or RSMT’s who want to become Master Somatic Movement Educators or Therapists need to complete the Independent Track Application form and pay a reduced application fee of $50. When completing the form, you will need to clarify that you meet the additional criteria for this advanced credential and pay a $50 application fee below.

When completing the form, please articulate your initial training of 500 hours (does not need to be included in a high level of detail) and then detail your additional 500 hours with the specifics requested in the application. If your initial application included  more than 500 hours, please let us know that.