Updating ISMETA Member Directory page

These are the directions for editing your profile. In order to make edits you must enter your account through the RENEW / UPGRADE / MANAGE YOUR MEMBERSHIP at the upper portion of the main Member Portal Page in the orange banner.

Whether this is your first time creating your member profile or you 100th time editing, here are some important tips:

  1. SAVE SAVE SAVE…. before leaving any page or section make sure to SAVE.
  2. Edit your Basic Info for accuracy. There is section for the public address you would like listed and also a Private Contact Address for ISMETA please fill out both.  ISMETA will not share your Private Contact Address for ISMETA we will only use it to send land mail at times.
  3. In the Directory Settings area you may choose privacy options to customize what contact information you would like shared on our public directory page
  4. The Business card is what people see first. For Professional Members a Profile Picture (headshot rather than logo, other body views acceptable) and description goes there. The description is searchable for content so please be wise when choosing words. Identify yourself based on what you believe people might search for.
  5. The rest is self-explanatory, and there are video tutorials if you need help. Profile description, Practitioner information, education, photo gallery… As you finish each section save and continue. You get to the different sections across the top menu of your account.
  6. For Individuals: Everything you post should be focused on you as a Somatic Movement Professional, or Registered Somatic Dance Educator not your business. You may certainly speak about your business but this is a place for the public to search for individual practitioners, not programs. If you would like a listing for your program you can join as an Associate Member Organization or Approved Training Program in addition to your Professional Membership.
  7. Approved Training Programs can now provide details on their upcoming start dates of new training cycles in the Upcoming Training section of their organization’s directory page.
  8. Approved Training Programs and Affiliated Professional Organizations also have an option for Additional Contacts to be listed. They can be set to public or private. This is where Organizations should add their ISMETA Leadership Council Representatives, business office contact for billing, and the Director’s name if you choose to not have that address in the public view. All these contacts must have emails and position or title listed. Please note: This is NOT a place to add NON ISMETA members’ names and contact info unless they are an administrator. It is your responsibility to keep these up to date. IMPORTANT: Make sure that your main email access is not also listed in additional contacts because this will limit your access to editing your account, and cause problems with renewals.
  9. If you are a Registered Professional Member and also have an ISMETA organizational membership, you can log in to both with the same email in turn by requesting a password and the system will ask which account. IMPORTANT: If you choose to use the same email for multiple accounts, it is vital that you keep track of the passwords for each account and make sure that you log into the correct account (personal or organization.)   

If you have a problem with anything please contact at info@ismeta.org.