Speak Out! Stories of Resilience and Healing

Through his work with MenHealing (supporting male-identified survivors of sexual abuse/assault) and in partnership with FORGE (reducing the impact of trauma on trans/non-binary survivors and communities), ISMETA Board and Executive Committee member Richard Sims and dedicated individuals from each organization came together to create Voices of Healing: Trans & Nonbinary Survivors SPEAK OUT.

The series of workshops leading to the final live event was created to support four brave trans and non-binary survivors of sexual abuse/assault. These participants were chosen from across the U.S. who wanted to share their stories of resilience and healing. Throughout the program the participants were helped to craft their stories, while confronting their emotions and feelings as their memories, words and sensations came to life, unfolding through dance, painting and creative storytelling.

This celebration was the latest event Rich has been asked to help plan and bring to life. Throughout the workshops Rich combined his somatic, empowering, healing and community-building approaches with team members from the psychotherapeutic, community organizing, healing and advocacy worlds. They combined their many areas of expertise in an integrative approach helping the participants build and maintain the connection and bravery needed to share their incredible stories.

The free event was designed to share the survivors stories with the world. Learn more about the celebration here and view the event here. To find out more about this important work, please visit FORGE and MenHealing.

Speak Out

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