Celebrating the release of her new book, The Embodied Teen: A Somatic Curriculum for Teaching Body-Mind Awareness, Kinesthetic Intelligence, and Social and Emotional Skills (North Atlantic Books, July 2018).

Designed for somatic educators, therapists, counselors, and movement practitioners, The Embodied Teen presents a pioneering introductory curriculum in somatic movement education adapted to the unique needs of adolescents. Includes 50 activities, along with concrete pedagogy tips and engaging anecdotes drawn from over 30 years of working with youth in the US and abroad.


“Susan Bauer offers educators a dynamic curriculum with clear guidelines for helping adolescents discover ways to enliven their sense of self, recognize and accept the diversity of others, and establish a base of lifelong habits for well-being. This book should be read by anyone who wants to create a trusting and enriching environment for teens.”

—Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, developer of Body-Mind Centering®


…A ‘must-read, must-own’ resource for respecting our bodies and the planet we all share.”

—Andrea Olsen, author of Body and Earth: An Experiential Guide

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