Professional Membership

Graduates of ISMETA Approved Training Programs – If you graduated from an ISMETA Approved Training Program you receive a discount of $55 off from the application fee using the discount code atp.

All new members must send documentation of 150 hours of Professional Practice within two years of acceptance (Master level requires Professional Practice documentation at the time of application). Please download and use this Professional Practice Hour Tracking Form to record hours and send to info@ismeta.org.

Professional Member Plus – to apply for the Professional Member Plus membership, which includes Professional Liability Insurance as a member benefit, please click back to the Join page and choose Professional Member PLUS to be redirected to the Plus Liability Insurance join pages. (Do not submit the join form below.)

For guidance on choosing registration type (Somatic Movement Educator or Therapist) click here.


Please thoroughly read application instructions  above before submitting form.  If you have questions contact ISMETA.  


Once accepted you will receive a welcome letter attesting to your registration. If you would like to purchase a Certificate you can order one by logging into your account and filling out the certificate order form.

Please Note: Application fees are non-refundable.  Any applications still lacking required documentation as requested by ISMETA six months after submission, will be cancelled and registration fees returned (ISMETA will retain all application fees.)